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Why Choose GSVR

Most businesses tell you that they are there for you. You sign up expecting to have a great experience yet you soon find out that you are just another account. This is especially true in the web hosting business. Our team has all come from small business and have experienced the same problems as you. It won’t take long for you to realise why more Australian small businesses are choosing GSVR.

GSVR Web Hosting

Host your WordPress websites on GSVR Small Business Web Hosting state-of-the-art managed platform. With exclusive StackCache caching, full SSD storage, automatic server-level security scanning and core WP updates, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the world’s fastest and most secure WordPress platforms.
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Autoscaling Hosting with 100% SSD Storage

GSVR Small Business Web Hosting use load-balancing platforms, there’s no single point of failure in our architecture and no impact on your website’s performance no matter what another user is doing. ALL of our hosting is 100% SSD, fully scalable for ultimate performance.